notes 1st 2 sessions

Session Notes (1/30/12) Late Spring Jess book may contain {redacted} found burned caravan, red dragon attacked, party fled to cave. Cave cris-crossed an ancient temple to unknown religion. Fought Kobolds, found prisoner (Benedictus).

Session Notes 2/20/12:
Met benedictus travelled to cadal. Argued about inn prices Likenth , God of music and laughter. Heraldry, green and grey The soldiers left at the mention of Benedictus and travelled to find the dragon. Ben met Bloom at his campsite and is travelling with them to tellingham


a note should be added about how Allister and his keen social skills generated a confrontation with the guards. Relios intervened and began wrestling one of the guards on the ground after a grease was cast under them. The captain came down and broke up the affair. Only then did they fin out about Benedictus and become active enough to rush out of the hamlet.

notes 1st 2 sessions

But they said I was lying!!!!

notes 1st 2 sessions

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