session 03/06/12

Distracted as I was, my brothers were able to get my attention to a abbey we for some reason where traveling to. They claimed smoke was rising from the abbey, I knew better as I was able to pick out individual birds, ravens to be exact, where swarming above the church. (in there defense it did look like smoke if your are untrained, as they are. The next thing I knew we had approached the abbey and the ravens swarmed into a face. It seems the God of the temple had been kicked out by Necros. Now I am no God Botherer by any means but if a god asks you for help, we heck, thats a good entity to be owed a favor by. I immediately accepted his proposal for help and to my surprise Constantine agreed with me (perhaps he is seeing the light). upon reaching the abbey (which was a beautiful structure actually made from living wood) we found the unwanted guests, undead, skeletons to be exact. A more common undead variety that are usually easily dispatched if you have a blunt instrument. And that was the start of our woes. Constantine was the only one of us who had an effective weapon to deal with our foes(well I did as well but lets be honest, I am no weapon master, I alter reality at its base, I am not involved with physical force). Although my brother was able to fell many of his foes, they began to rise again( this is a problem with undead sometimes, since basically all they are is raw materials they can be reanimated easily. This is why I must get to my new teacher soon so I can reach my full potential and dismiss these minor inconveniences.) Well after my 2 brothers were futilely attempting to stop the hoard of shambling bones (And Constantine really did bash them well, but he just couldn’t think outside of the box on how to get to the root of the problem) Looking through the arcane winds I noticed a powerful black entity reaching up from the floor. I shouted to my brothers that we needed to get to the basement. They, of course ignored me.By this time our situation was much worse, My brothers were being pushed back and overwhelmed, Constantine shouted for me to run( I assume because he was trying to be brave). So I did what I had to, I ran for a hole we’d seen earlier that these undead spilled forth from and went to the basement. Casting my last defensive spell, I was able to find the cause of our dilemma. A Black orb of some incredible necromantic power sit in the middle of arcane protection as well as 3 undead guardians including a wight. Thinking quickly, I hoped by breaking the arcane protection and trying to knock the orb off it’s pedestal I could disrupt the magic. My staff rebounded harmlessly off of the orb however. Magically protected, I had no choice but to knock the orb from it’s pedestal with my bare hands. And that caused all of my defensive magic to fail.The skeletons grabbed me and there wight overlord started sapping my essence. Thankfully Constantine had finally made it downstairs and was able to destroy my attackers(he really will make a good body guard for someone one day) I was able to run the orb outside where the flock of ravens took it into themselves and flew off. The rest of the remaining undead with there reanimation source gone were easily cleaned up and we decided to rest for the night from our endeavor.Which is fine by me, I have to find a way to make silence into a key…..hmmmmm………

notes 1st 2 sessions

Session Notes (1/30/12) Late Spring Jess book may contain {redacted} found burned caravan, red dragon attacked, party fled to cave. Cave cris-crossed an ancient temple to unknown religion. Fought Kobolds, found prisoner (Benedictus).

Session Notes 2/20/12:
Met benedictus travelled to cadal. Argued about inn prices Likenth , God of music and laughter. Heraldry, green and grey The soldiers left at the mention of Benedictus and travelled to find the dragon. Ben met Bloom at his campsite and is travelling with them to tellingham

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