Therisione, (N) goddess of nature, light

Enoisireht(Necros?) god of undeath,(NE) unnatural death, murder

Muerto, God of Assassins, poison, murder, and deception

Azreal,(NE) god of war

Unnamed one, silent one, the dark, etc; (??) god(dess?) of secrets, darkness, lying, etc

Urf (CG), god of kobolds(underdogs?) and Storms

Stephen(N), god of thieves and luck

Lucien (NG), god of bards, music, lore

Tara (CN), goddess of magic and Chaos

Lazarus (LE), God of Tyranny

Alor (CG) god of the Moon, the wilds

Dane (NG) god of Smithing, Dwarves

Mordred (N), God of Bureaucracy and Administration

Rasputin (CN) God of the insane and delusional :)

Yorik (N) God of luck

Cerradin- (NG) God of the Elves


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